Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dead singers & LOUD ringers in my house!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve heard things others didn’t. I kind of accepted it as “normal” but I soon learned it was not. I also learned to keep my big trap shut because people think I’m weird enough as it is!

I noticed it got worse the older I got, and the more “plays” I was in the more "visitors" I would receive. I spent a lot of time in the theater, which meant long hours even after practice, straitening up the closets, hanging up costumes and putting away props. I always felt like I was being watched and I usually was.

I have years full of stories, but tonight I share one from last week. Because the same thing has been happening a lot as of late.

I renovated an old hospital. Yup. I live in an old hospital. And ever since the day I moved in there are many other “residents” as my aunt Pat like to call them, who just stop on by. J

This is my building!

They stop by during my photo shoots, rehearsals and recording sessions. Or just whenever they damn well please! Some clients see them, some of my friends feel them, and one ghost taps men on the left shoulder! But most of my spirits are heard. Oh let me tell you… they are heard.

My aunt asked me the other day if they ever bother me. For the most part, they are pretty cool. Good positive vibes here. I do have a few more stories to tell, but I will save them for another time. :-)

Last week we were recording in the studio. My friend and drummer was going to town when the engineer and I just looked at each other. J We looked around, looked at the drummer, then back at each other. Then back at the drummer.

We waited until the last crash rang out, and then went back to the spot my friend pointed to on the screen. About a minute into the song. The wave forms changed, got fatter and thicker & spiked. We both knew what it was.

After soloing the track and placing an EQ on it, it was pretty clear, that again, we weren’t alone.

You see, my whole life, since I was about three, I have been haunted by… SINGERS! Lol. And there are MANY in my building. 20 people died hear years ago and many since. IT’s a popular place what can I say. J

This ghost was just wailin away! She, yes SHE was bound and determined to be heard. So we listened many times in enchantment and I told her she did a really great job. This just happens all the time. It has for years. I’m blessed to always get the singers… lol. Among many, but ALWAYS I get the singers.

So the next time you buy a Goldy lockS song on iTunes (God another shameless plug!) tale a really good listen. There may be a few more voices on those songs than you bargained for. J

This particular ghost will make her debut on the first ever Goldy Knows TV sound track. Look for the song, “Sometimes.” She’s on it. Loud and clear.

You can think this blog is BS, but many of you reading have been here, seen and heard for yourselves. To think we are the only peeps on the planet, well YOU are the crazy ones! If you ever have any doubt, spend a day here... I promise you will leave singing. Everyone else seems to have. XX00 Goldy

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