Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Vagina

Funny how that headline turns heads.  I knew it would, so that’s why I used that as a way to get people’s attention on different social media pages today.

What’s that mean? My headline? I’ll get to it.

So many people praise me by saying, “You actually answer emails!” I’m a C level public figure? Lol. D? B? Who knows! I have a lot of people who follow me though, and read what I write. So I guess that counts for something. But for as often as people DAMN celebrities for being “inaccessible”… can you really blame them? I mean, you should see what just Little Ole Me gets daily, weekly and monthly for some serious crap. I’m inundated.

I’m a human being with feelings. And while some of the letters and emails I get are remarkable, beautiful, touching, moving, powerful and delightful, some are just plain and simple shit.  My dad used to always say, “Moon, shit in…shit out” Meaning what you put in your body, mind and soul should be good. He’d let me watch those scary movies, but then never feel bad when I had nightmares. I’m starting finally to see the points he was trying to teach me.

I post a lot of things on Facebook, in blogs, & on Twitter. I’m about as real, raw & gritty as they come. But do you know what it’s like to have to truly sensor every stupid common word you use? Here, in a text, an email? God forbid I tell someone “I can “come by later…” Because I’ll get some dirty sick comeback about “cum”ing by.  I don’t care who it’s from, it always takes a turn for the worse. These are people in the community you would never suspect. Yet they think it’s ok to act a certain way with me. I have more married men that just get grosser than gross. Why are you married? I know if you were my dad I’d pick up on it.  And I’d have more respect for you if you weren’t around. Because that’s disrespectful to your wife and your family.

I’m not talking about playful banter, or a few goofy sexual innuendos.  That’s part of life and I have a great time with many of you. Some of you are even women. And you’re funny, foul and everything in-between. I enjoy my lesbian groups of people I converse with. You all always seem to keep it real yet respectful. Y’all rarely cross the line and I thank you.

I post many times, “Dinner On Me!” to which someone always has to chime in with “really! I get to eat dinner off you? I can eat right off your body!!!” Really? Really you pathetic horney jackass? Was that necessary? I just offered to buy you a gift card to enjoy a meal. On my dime. When so many artists, bands and public figures just say “Vote For ME!” or “give me money!” I ask you to do things for  me and then give out rewards for your efforts the best way I can. Who does that? I mean really? Who does that? I don’t have sponsorship dollars yet. That money is out of MY pocket. I give up things you wouldn’t imagine to pursue my goals in entertainment and to try & show my appreciation in return for helping.

These shows I come do? Do you think I’m really bank rolling on them? When people don’t show up, and advertising has gone in, I take a bath. Sure, my band mates ALWAYS get paid. Buy I don’t. Ask any independent artist. I do this, because I love it. And you have no idea the platforms I support or help out. Even if it means I give up something like… electricity or water for a few days. I’ll f’n do it, because I said I would. I have passion and I believe in life, programs and people.

How many shows and photo dates get canceled on me for stupid lazy people reasons? I don’t bitch, you don’t hear a word. I pay my people and go without many things I need. I have a goal, a vision and anything GREAT costs. It takes time and a ton of dedication, hard work, effort, sacrifice. So the next time your husband is working late, and you truly “know where he is” you give him the biggest kiss or (other things) that you can possibly imagine when he walks through the door finally. Don’t bitch and complain, because there’s always someone in the family bread winning. Support and praise them.

Cause that dude is pretty much me! Lol. And I’m not saying there aren’t amazing women out there “bringin it home.” I know you are. My point is CELEBRATE! SUPPORT! Give thanks and praise. Have some damn RESPECT for me when you write me and save the sicko crap cause I’m over it.

I’m over the people who hide behind God and their “beliefs” praising “Jesus” and then acting like a hypercritical asshole. It’s called “Passive Aggressiveness”. And you’ll see it a lot on my personal page. People will use “Jesus” and his “word” to try and make their own points. To try and burry, or embarrass me or put me down.

Guess what jackasses. That’s not the “Jesus” I was taught to know. In fact, I think he would be the one “embarrassed” by how some of you act. Respect. Have some. Don’t hide behind your churches, religions and fake ass beliefs with me, cause you will fall on deaf ears.

The theme song to my new show Goldy Knows is called “Sometimes”. And a line from that song is, “You can’t hold me back, because I’m out of control. If it seems like I’m fine cause I hold back my pride, there’s something that you should know." Also, "I’m a dangerous thang cause you don’t know the things that I hide…”

Don’t mess with me. You don’t know what I’ve been through. I never talk about it. I just do motivational tours where I try & help and inspire others with out REALLY going into my past. But I will say again, don’t mess with me. Because honestly? I don’t care. I don’t care about gross people and assholes. I care about the great people who find me daily. I REALLY do care about you, your problems, your kids, your family’s and your lives. If I didn’t I wouldn’t spend hours each week responding to you all. I care.

I bet most people don’t know I’ve had to deal with years of abuse. It’s in the past and you NEVER hear me speak of it. Because I refuse to be considered a “victim”. I’m over it, I’m ok and it’s better served time to hear & listen to those who are not. Some people really need to be heard. So we concentrate on them. Instead I listen to you all and try the best ways I can to offer some ideas or a solution. 

I bet none of you know I had it made for a long time. I had that life only people can dream of. And in one week I lost everything. Record deal, publishing, a hit TV series, my income, my house and I watched the bank take my car. I fell completely flat on my face, had the IRS come after me when I was NOT even in the wrong. But due to a fluke and no money to defend myself, I lost everything. I went bankrupt. I fell hard and had to live with nothing for 3 and half years.

I cleaned homes and sometimes shoveled out human excrement from abandoned buildings and grain storage units. For 3 and half years. I lived in shit holes, and I worked sometimes 90 hours a week physical labor to try & pay off some debt that wasn’t even mine. I lent 30,000 dollars to some people in need. Which was supposed to be paid in full within 30 – 60 days tops. By the end of the loan I had occurred 130,000 worth of debt because the people I lent the money too, spent it on cocaine and other drugs. But I tried my best to make good on that debt.

Don’t mess with me. Don’t even think of trying. As much as I’d love to call you filthy pathetic lack of human beings out here, I’m going to just ask that you don’t email me again. Don’t post your dirty crap on my posts and just stop disrespecting women in general.

I’m no role model, I’m not politically correct, I don’t have degrees, but I am the most “real” person you will even encounter. And I deserve some respect for that. I enjoy the funny banter; stupid sexual innuendos some of you throw out there, your crazy stories, opinions and view points. Let them continue. You people know who you are and don’t make me go postal on you who abuse your online privileges.

I’m selling these Tile Necklaces.  I post them EVERY day. Lol. Here’s the link.

The tiles here were given as gifts, not sold. I do not own the copy rights. They are just merely used as an example that you can have any photo of your pet, child, loved one, object… sky is the limit. You send me a photo, I create it.

Can I say THANK YOU again to the BEAUTIFUL people who have either bought or constantly support you! You lift me up, you inspire me by your never-ending kindness you give me the reasons and hope to continue on my path. But there is a flip side to all of that, as the world need balance and so incoming on the crap.

Every day someone emails me saying they will order “many” items if I say, “meet them?” Let them come over? Meet them for dinner to discuss their “order”. People say they will only order if they have my phone number to call or confirm? Really? Why don’t I just send you a personal photo of my uterus? You can just put your order there! What do you say Bill? Pathetic… "I don't need to talk to you Jerky!" "Get Bret Weir I said!"

I have an online store that has been secure and operating for 12 years. Yup. I think that’s legit enough. Rather you dangle carrots in front of me, promising me support if I “play ball.”

The same way that some venue owners, manager’s or people in charge of payment pressure me into giving them oral sex to receive my payment. I do my job. I sing and entertain and them I’m stuck at the end of the night with this kind of crap. And you wonder why I’m prone to kicking the crap out of people. How do you think I get paid? Do you think it will help to expose these folks? Tell my booking agent? I did a few times, and am no longer welcome at that venue. This hurts my income and my bands income. So I have a plan. That’s to do this new TV/Reality show and gain momentum that way. I can do some really great things for people…

So when you promise me orders but then it come with strings, you are just as bad as the venue people I sometimes must deal with.

I currently am selling these tiles to raise money. I’m not asking for donations, I’m not asking for a handout. I’m saying buy something that you would like, that would make you smile or make a friend smile. We buy cookies and candy bars all the time. And that’s great. But those will be digested in a matter of hours. My products are made to last a lifetime and they are made by hand, by me. So don’t email me dirty crap because it taints my product.

Do you know why I’ve been posting so much about ordering? Well maybe this will shed some light. The first YouTube episode of Goldy Knows is very funny, edgy, silly, crazy and has a lot of innuendos in it. I wanted people to laugh. It’s very Time Green, Man Show, Tosh.O… Chelsea Handler style entertainment. Will my dad like all of it? Lol…. No. Probably not. Will college boys? I hope so…

The second episode though, is a complete 180. As all of the shows will be. To demonstrate how life is diverse and constantly changes. Just like we do. I have been pushing the hell out of my products to raise the money to do something wonderful for a handicapped child who is being bullied at school. I and some kind people in the community are going to do something that she will never forget. It will bring her joy and build confidence. So that’s why I keep asking you to buy my stuff. So don’t mess me. Get it?

There is also a section of the show dedicated to domestic violence and doing something cool for someone who has spent their life getting the crap beat out of her. Do you even know what that would be like? To have your children witness this? To have your self-esteem be so shaken you don’t even know how to act? Who to trust?

I work with the YWCA on some projects that raise money for these women to help them when they finally run away from this hell. They are completely on their own. I found one woman who lives in a tiny little apartment. And I want to redo her bedroom. We want to paint and build some things, get her a few new items that will transform this dingy little room she shares with her children, into something beautiful and tranquil and give her a new start.

So there assholes. You with your strings attached. That’s what I’m trying to do with the money I’m raising. So stop contaminating my inbox with your smut.

Since I even posted that I was going to “out” some of you tonight, over 50 people in 35 minutes privately emailed me on Facebook, apologizing, pleading and asking me not to say anything about the “words’ They have chosen to say to me in the past. Try just being cool and respectful right out of the gate. How about you just don’t say any creepy words in the first place? Don’t do it again. Don’t mess with me. Because you don’t know my life or me.

Respect all human beings. Be kind. Listen. Offer a helping hand when you can. Treat the women in your life like the most precious daughter you’ve ever had or could conceive. Women are beautiful and needed creatures to keep this planet going. Respect them.

For those of you who emailed me, I don’t have time for you tonight. I’m meeting with some people to get items to do this next episode of Goldy Knows and hopefully bring a smile to some faces. I need people who have connections with home improvement and decorating stores.  Those of you who chose already to support, by ordering, coming to shows, sharing and LIKEing my posts, know you are a part of something pretty bad ass & awesome I’m trying to do. J

Those of you who would like to contribute? It would completely help me out. There are some cool and important things to do, and I'm not going to let a lack of funding stop me. We're going to do some really special things for special people. And do some really stupid stuff too. It will all be worth it, make you smile and laugh one way or another I promise. If you want to support, it’s easy. Just go here:

Or here!

Or here!


I have 37 people’s names sitting here in Excel. I keep track of you all. Someone just posted on FB, I bet you won't do it. I don't even need to now. So many already found me. I've already emailed back many of the repeat offenders privately today. My work is pretty much done here without even having to do anything. And as much as I’d like to just roast the crap out of the rest of them right now, that’s at least 45 min I’d rather use to do something good. Some of you already emailed me. Heed this word. I’m not afraid of anyone or anything. I never have been. I’ve lost everything, endured some serious abuse and spent hot summer days shoveling out human feces. I’ve scrubbed floors in some of the finest Brentwood homes in TN, only to see myself in the background on TV on some rerun.  I’ve been humiliated many times beyond compare in my life. I know darkness and despair. And it’s the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me. Because I know all walks of life and how they live. I have lived it. And with that comes a freedom and liberation you will never understand. But I do. And it makes me 1000% fearless. So don’t F with me again.

I thank Jeff Sisneros, Cory Burton, Greg Pelham, Terry Maples, John Saxon, TriSket Landho, Bob McGough, Dave Courtney, Carlton Blackledge, Tim Winters, Jason Dumas, Doug Mayes, Scott Sims Saunders, Steven Sanders, Tom Felix, Jeremy Wade Sparks, Rick Pruitt, Shawn Hendrix and John W. HansIII to name of few for always treating me with incredible online respect. You all are the epitome of what a gentleman should be.

Thank you to the people in my life, at shows, on social media pages who are amazing. The fact I have to self fund this whole thing, and you’re helping me, means more than if some network or investor just came along and dumped money into it. I’m doing it the REAL way. And it’s because of you.

A very sincere… God Bless You All.

Goldy XXOO


  1. Bless you for what you do and endure. You're very talented both musically and creatively! Never give up!

    1. Jody I really appreciate you even reading it. It's there to just give some perspective on things. I'm a hot head, but always have the best & purest intentions. :-) Thank you for your gift of time. G

    2. I love hot heads..... ;)

  2. Go Goldy!! I just know that you will see your dreams come true. Thank you for being part of my journey.

    1. I am excited to have you on the show Wynn. I know you will be an exceptional addition. I'm working on funding for the 2nd episode as we speak. So hang tight. I can't thank you enough for supporting me and ordering several tiles. If everyone did what you did every day, we'd be done! XXOO

  3. I've seen your show live once in Little Rock, and was so impressed by your talent and your beauty. I didn't know your history as a wrestler until you accepted my friend request on FB, and needless to say I was impressed even moreso.

    You blog post tonight makes me sad; not for you, but for those jerks in the industry and some of your 'fans' (I use that term losely referring to these a$$holes) whom think all you are is what you could give them sexually. They are so beneath you, Goldy! You keep on climbing back to the top of your professional world, and don't give them the satisfaction of a single tear or an angry heart!

    Go get 'em, girl!


    1. Travis, thanks for your words and viewpoint. But don't be sad. Once and a while the "bear" is poked a little too hard, and it's important to remind people how things really are. We live in a world where things are sometimes painted too rosy and just not enough doses of "reality" are prevalent. I'm all for the positive and sunny side, but sometimes a dose of what's really going on is needed as a reminder.

      I've had so many people who have helped me with shows, projects and platforms. This new show is a big deal to me, so I want people to know where the drive and passion for it is coming from! Even if it's fueled by a holes! Lol

      So thank you for taking time to comment. All these comments help me with the whole social media presence. So again, thank you my friend. And thank you for coming to the show in Little Rock and taking time to look at my background. See you in a month!

  4. You inspire me in so many ways Goldy, it's beginning to be more than fingers can count! You are amazing- Thank you for being you!!

    1. As I always say, my opinions and views are different than some, but you will always get a pure viewpoint. Lol. I don't say things to be popular all the time! Just to get people talking and communicating! But thank you for the sweet sweet compliment! I once had a cat with a few extra toes... lol. Maybe we find him? Ha ha ha XXOO

  5. You are such a beautiful person inside & out. I hate that you have to deal with the inappropriate actions of others & be subjected to that filth. They are "lucky" that you have a good heart & didn't expose them for all the world to see. I'm sure most of them are pretty transparent & if people who know them really paid attention that they would see it for what it is & not make excuses for them ("oh, he's just kidding"). It is absolutely despicable as well as disrespectful & you deserve better. We love you & applaud you not only for being you but for all the wonderful things you so graciously & unselfishly do for others. You Rock \m/ olo \m/

  6. You never stop amazing Goldy! It is such an honor and pleasure to read your words and feel the strength and truthfulness that you put into them.

    This entry brought tears to my eyes (and note that I am sitting in my hair salon with aluminum foil in my hair so trust me when I say I don't care what others think of me lol). I cried when I read about the domestic abuse. I witnessed this growing up when my alcoholic father beat my mother in front of myself and my brother. I know that pain, that horrendous feeling of helplessness and shame...

    But like you I've put this behind me, learned and have grown from it! I know what I deserve now and will not settle for anything less than that... RESPECT!!!

    Sorry this is so long, but this entry has me on my soap box a tad lol. Sorry for the personal details as well; I felt I just had to share!

    Thank you Goldy for being the bad ass, wonderful, honest and strong woman that you are! For giving me and so many others strength and hope! You are beyond amazing and for that I thank you!

    Much love,

    P. S. Again sorry for the length of this comment.

    1. What chu talkin bout Fool! Lol. No such thing as TOO long of a response! You are always entitled and welcome to leave an opinion of what ever you choose. Even if I don't agree, if presented with conviction and honor, it stays! But what is there not to agree on your post. Respect is what EVERY human being trying to live a good life deserves.

      I am sorry to hear you witnessed what you did. That's just plain and simple, no good. But? As a wise therapist once told me, even through abuse, you can be left with "gifts from the wounds" which your kind heart obviously displays. By going through your own hell you are prone to seeing those who need help and maybe a little compassion. So something good comes out of it...

      I just left my favorite home improvement store. And they told me to write up my proposal and get it to them. My "wish list" for this woman's new room. So just know, I shut my car door and tears filled my eyes. Because I know she will be really excited.

      I still have to fund the shooting & some extras, but with some suppliy help... what a lifted load! And? We can educate women on how they can do much DIY on their own!! Win, Win!

      Thank you for sharing honey & I can't wait for you to see that episode!!

      XXOO be safe and be happy. You DESERVE that!