Monday, June 10, 2013

Makin out in the rain

Have you ever done it? Just sat there as the rain pounded down and let your hair get wet, clothes turn a different color and held the face of someone you were hot for? When you hold them and get close and let them wrap their arms around you if feels differently. It feels like you’re almost breaking the law or beating the odds. I think it only adds to the experience.

So many people are afraid or irritated by the rain. You see them scampering from their cars to the store, makin that “rain” face. Where you squint your eyes & raise your eyebrows thinking somehow that’s going to keep you dry? It’s rain not acid! And you’re not a witch! You’ll be ok!

Women seem to just freak out like maybe their real identity will be exposed! I’ve always loved the rain. I remember a date I was on, we went for a walk outside a restaurant, found a big boulder by the river & just sat and talked. Ah hem… well, sometimes talking leads to other things. Needless to say, it started to rain and I asked if we could just stay. He said why not.  I knew I had a change of clothes in the car and it wasn’t too cold out. So what’s the harm?

It felt amazing and so did the affection of that severely perfectly cool & calm man. I felt protected sitting there in his arms. And when it got too bad out we picked up and quietly walked back to our cars. My shoes we off, what’s new. And I walked through puddles and mud without a care in the world. He noticed that and commented on that fact. My date said, “you know I love that about you? That you don’t care. You’re easy going and I know you won’t be upset if things get a little messy.”

I learned the art of getting messy when I was 8. I figured it out the hard way when I was eight years old in a beauty pageant. Yup, did that, been there… lol. I didn’t fit in that world! But it was a chance to sing in front of LARGE crowds and bring the house down. And I did. Every time. My hair was long & I didn’t have the make up on the other girls did, but I could sing. And I could get dirty. And that’s the ticket I used to usually win. And the world can learn from that so let me share.

I was walking to a competition. It was raining. The girls were crying and fussing about their hair. I didn’t care. I would have stayed out and played all day in that mess. But on the way I tripped and fell. Face first in the black mud. My little powder blue jumpsuit and me… were covered. The girls laughed and pointed at me. I think? I think a few got the bird. I recall getting reprimanded about it. What are you going to do? Lol.

I walked on stage for judging without flinching. I had a job to do and I was gonna do it. And I won. I almost always won. Not because I was the prettiest, tallest, best dressed or most talented, but because in my mind I already won. Showing up is 99% of success, but believing you already have won, I have found to be 100% of success.

I was to shoot this couple’s wedding. The girl was plain and simple…a bitch. I could tell she was right out of the gate. But show me the money. Horrible budget, but I’ll work over not. So I took it. She saw photos of another couple and wanted THOSE! I said, honey, THOSE were very special circumstances. Beautiful people, beautiful attitudes, love, and vibe… she couldn’t get that result if she tried.

Needless to say it rained the day of her wedding. Just like the couple’s weeding I shot. But the couple I shot, who were African American, or as I referred to them, “Black & Hot!” didn’t even see the rain. They saw only each other. The look in this couples eyes still sends chills down my spine. I saw it. I saw it in real time, and I saw it in their photos.

It’s not worth spending time talking about the other bitch. Physically, her outer appearance was flawless. She was probably the most “beautiful” by societie’s standards I’ve even shot. But here ever so ugly soul got in the way of it all. Her photos looked like a crabby new bride trudging through the water. No magic. Just a snot nosed princess wanna be. She didn’t embrace the rain. She would never understand.

The next time it’s “raining” or even metaphorically speaking, “you’re caught in the rain” don’t worry. Picture yourself on a bolder by the river, making out with the person of your dreams. Feeling like nothing in the world will harm you or stop you from doing what ever it is you want to do. Don’t make the “rain” face! Tilt your head back open your mouth and let it fall on your tongue. Smile. Enjoy the elements and what life brings you. Take a moment to realize you are alive and you have the chance and opportunity every day to live an incredible life or change the one you have into one. I do it daily. And it seems to work for me. So I thought I’d share.

The next time it rains, grab someone you love or even know just a little! Pull them out into the water and plant one on em! You either will have the best kiss ever or a slap in the face! Either way, you’ll have a memory. And no one can ever take that away from you.

Celebrate the rain and celebrate you’re life. Always remember that you’re beautiful.

Photography courtesy of ME!

PS. This is the actual shot I took sitting on that boulder. And I want you to remember, sometimes it truly is darkest before the dawn. And even if you ever feel lonely, disheartened or frustrated with circumstances in your life, if you try… your life will change. Keep a positive outlook. And remember as noted in the book/movie “The Secret,” sometimes the seeds you have been planting are right under the surface ready to break through. So let them. Don’t give up. Your time to shine is coming. Just give it the chance.

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