Thursday, June 6, 2013

One night stands

The ones that hurt the most are the ones where you meet someone and have that… connection, that… spark. You’re thinking exciting thoughts, you’re thinking about the future, words are exchanged and dreams are shared. Sometimes you are intimate and then comes the unfortunate. The disappearing act.

I’ve done it and had it “done” to me. It’s funny, because for a long time I thought, can there be a more icky feeling? Having someone basically reject or abandon you feels pretty bad. Up until now, I thought that was the worst feeling ever, but I’ve recently had something beat that.

The ironic thing about someone rejecting you, is have you ever noticed, you start looking at your phone every other minute of the day? You look to see if you have a missed call or text. And then it happens. You do! But it’s from a really good friend or some other person reaches out. And the irony is you get mad about it. At least I do. I actually caught myself frowning as some other friend called to say something kind. But because it wasn’t the person I was hoping to hear from, I got pissed, angry and frustrated.

That’s not cool and it’s not healthy. And I’ve trained myself to move on and not give a …. But something I’ve noticed that’s worse than that feeling, is doing something amazing for someone and not having them even acknowledge it. Not even a thank you.

I had some really important meetings a while back. They were life-changing opportunities that I wanted to seize. There were so many powerful people that I had the chance to impress. And I actually did. So I wanted to take it to the next level and send thank you gifts like they had never seen. A brilliant concoction of personal gifts they would always remember.

I tracked the Fed Ex, knew they received them and waited. But as in most meetings in my life, there is no Oz. There is just a series of more meetings you go to usually to run into someone saying… “You really need to just do your own…” Lol. Sure. I knew that.

I didn’t have the money to send what I did in the first place. But I knew it had to be done. Even my father understood my reasoning. He said, “Sometimes you just have to put on airs Mooner…” The funny thing was, out of everything sent only one person stopped to say thank you. A month later, one more person did. But the others, no dice. Not even a peep.

So instead of getting mad, or getting irritated at the good people in my of who remember to support, honor and thank me, tonight, I thank you.

You know those tile necklaces I’ve been promoting online? So many of you have ordered them and it’s helping me tremendously. So many of you don’t have a fricken pot to piss in, yet you order my items to help me fund my new show.

I aint mad at that! And I aint mad at you. Yesterday 13 of you privately emailed me, saying thanks. Thanking me for sending you product you paid for. You took the time. You were grateful and gracious and full of joy. And those people who I sent lavish & expensive gifts to? They can’t say anything? Can’t take a minute to email me? Lol. It’s not like it’s hard to find me… I kind of put myself out there.

Those of you who have chosen to help me; I’ll always remember you. And when I get things going on a grander level, I will find you. And you will be repaid. And that’s a promise. And I don’t break my promises. I’m just not wired that way.

Know that I’m the real deal. And I REALLY appreciate you and your support. There is no manager or agent writing this, or keeping up with my social media. I do it. Because I care.

Thank you again for all of you out there who continue to help and support me. I absolutely love you. Goldy

PS, for anyone wanting to help support my new show, Goldy Knows, You can order Tiles here. All proceeds go directly to editing the first show. Get one for you, a friend a simple gift that is custom, unique and made by me!

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  1. This comment was left on another social media page. I really liked it. Thank you DPM from Austin TX.

    "The world is never what we wish it to be, rather it is what it is. It can be
    good or it can be bad and usually it is a combination of the two. Personally, I do not believe that we can let the world dictate who we are or what we believe to be true, right and just. Our own response must come from within us and should be predicated on our why we did what we did in the first place. If we did the right thing for the right reason, we were true to ourself and we can be at peace with our actions, wether or not the recipient of the kindness acknowledges it or not. So if someone deserves a gratuity for their kindness then you give it and if they acknowledge it that is very good and if they do not that is on them." -DMP Austin TX