Monday, September 30, 2013

Grabbin Some A$$

I had a woman come up to me at the show in GA. She was beautiful. I’ve seen her before. She’s always the life of the party and the star of the room. She has dance moves that would light even a soggy pile of kindle on fire. Her smile lights up that strand of tangled Christmas tree lights you through out because you couldn’t find the burnt out bulb. I always love seeing her, but this time even more.

She shared with me why she’s always so happy. “I’ve been married 30 years and the SEX is amazing still! Always has been and still is!” she proclaimed. I was so happy to hear for once, finally, a relationship where people were still in lust. “He wanted some tonight before I left but I told him I needed to go see Goldy lockS and didn’t want to be late!” Honored was I…

“We do our own thing. He’s quiet, I’m not! He likes to stay in, I love to go out! But I always invite him…” You could tell there was mutual respect, trust and love in this union. And I was digging it. It really does exist. I see the worst and the best of it late night in the clubs… but true love is out there. And I celebrate that.

I have another friend. I work with her. This is the only friend I allow to just hang up the phone on me. Her husband is in music, has crazy hours, so when he calls, I get dropped like a hot potato and all I can do is smile.

She can’t wait to tell me when they escape to “do it” and how excited she is when she finds out that tour bus is rolling in. I watch her social media posts and I’m also friends with her husband so I see how much he loves his family and adores his wife. And again, I’m digging it.

I knew he was coming home today. And I called just to say have fun & enjoy, and my friend was busy putting the finishing touches on her make up. After 2 kids and 8 years of marriage, she still wants to look her best, attractive and HOT for her man. I listen to these blue prints and store them as a mental manual for when I may need them. J

I once dated a rock star with famous parents and grand parents. To keep that anonymity I won’t say whom, but I will give you the gist of something he once told me. His grand parents were on TV. And they lived that “fairy tail” life, or so it appeared. I asked if it was true or a sham and he told me, “I’ve never seen two people more in love…” And he also shared a quote his very famous grandmother told him. She would listen to him complain about his unhappy & unhealthy relationships and offered this bit of epic advice…

“If there’s too much fighten and not enough f@#ckin, then it’s time to go!”

Lol… from a grandma never the less. Words I live by today.

The fairy tails do exist. And just because you’re in a long term relationship, doesn’t mean it can’t stay hot. Look at your partner today, and realize, remember why you were attracted to them in the first place. Savor it. Think about it. And do something to really let them know you still think they’re hot. And when no one’s lookin? Or even if they are, give them a good old fashioned ass grab. I promise it will make for a good night. J 
- Goldy Knows

 And to quote a priest who once told me something that would shape me, my life and opinions for all life forms...

"My child, everyone has the right to love and be loved..."

Words to live by. Peace, Goldy

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