Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Promise

I made a promise to my mother about 6 months ago . She was sick and we were speaking about her funeral arrangements. She wasn't happy to talk about this at all as you can imagine. Some older people are more comfortable with death than others. My mom was not. Even throughout her sickness, she never complained. She celebrated life. When I asked her what made her the saddest about death she responded, “Because I can’t take you with me.”

She wanted two songs played at her funeral, amazing grace and How Great Thou Art. She said under a quiet breath, "I know you could not sing them, but if someone would, that be so nice." I looked her in the eyes and said “of course I will do that for you. I will sing them mom.” She broke out sobbing and said “would you really?” “Of course I will, it would be my honor."

That's a promise that I made my mom. At the time I thought I could do it, but when the actual ceremony came around I was a mess. But I promised. The art of keeping a promise is a dying one. A promise is about someone else. It's not about whether you feel like doing something or not, it's just what you do.

I may not have a lot of money these days, but I'm a person of my word. Actually, I'm a man of my word. And if you get that, then you get me. And that even at this “venue” I wasn’t going to wear my damn shoes. :-). Some of you will get that. :-)

The church was filled with my mother’s hats. That’s what she would have wanted. Everyone wore a hat or one of hers. 

And for all of you who took time last month to write her a letter via social media pages, she asked to buried with them all. And she was. Several were tucked away by her arms and hands, and the rest were placed at the end of her casket. 

You people matter to me and you obviously mattered to my mother. Some of you I’ve never even met let alone you met my mom. I just wanted you to know, that late Sunday night I asked you that favor, it made a huge impact in someone’s life. Both mine and my mothers.

Thank you for touching this Rocker and very sick old woman’s life. Here is my final prayer for my mother. A tribute. I tried to express it in song. Watch if you will.

Please watch the link below.


  1. Beautiful, Moon! Love the photo with your dad and your mom's hats, and the video of you singing. Thank you so much for sharing...
    I will forever remember your lovely mother who has impacted my life more than about anyone I know... She is one of a kind!

  2. Beautiful tribute to your dear mother. Love the was very much what your mother would have loved. Thank you for honoring her with your kept your word.