Monday, February 4, 2013

Goldy Locks, Porridge & Pity Parties

Goldy Locks, Porridge & Pity Parties

I get asked a lot of times, how I stay so upbeat, undiscouraged and in a good mood. Frankly, I don’t really know. But I do. I always have. Ever since I was a child the word “No” or “You Can’t” never registered with me. No dream was too big and no task was too hard to get there.  I just set my mind to it, envisioned it and saw myself through. I’ve always had a lot of help and support from friends and family. I asked one person why she’s always helped me. She said because I try so hard and finish my goals.

I heard once on the radio on one of those annoying AM talk radio stations my father makes me listen to driving with him, an interesting take to my lifelong dilemma. How is it that I bounce back from things sooner than other people? They spoke of a “survival gene”. They say some people are just born with it. Well, I must have been, because I seem to always see sunny skies even amidst the darkest and coldest rain.

It’s no secret I’ve never used drugs. I’ve never really drank much. A few times in college, but I really don’t ever have anything. I’d rather save the calories for a bowl of porridge with nuts and brown sugar on top or a big fat brownie alamode!  I eat pretty clean. So no secret night under the covers tapping into my secret Oreo stash. I don’t have any vices like that I lean on to feel better. So I was trying to figure out how I do it?? How do I stay so happy.

Today, I realized something that I wanted to share with anyone reading this. I had someone do something kind of shitty. It left me feeling really badly. I feel taken advantage sometimes or unappreciated and I feel myself start to wilt. I usually just stare at the wall for a few minutes almost paralyzed. I know you all have done it too. But then something always happens. I verbally yell at myself! Lol. I say, “get up off your big a** and go do something!” I found myself today, walking over the kitchen cabinet, grabbing the peanut butter and taking a spoonful of peanut butter. It made me smile! I walked over to my cat, pet her, then dug for some change in a drawer. I grabbed an old fortune lying around the house and brought my change to the Mini Mart across the street. I filled out the numbers and paid. By the time I got back home, I was smiling even more. I didn’t even let 2 min go by being depressed. You can’t. It will eat you up. You have to get up, move, and do something proactive for yourself.

I found myself starring at the lotto tickets imagining all the wonderful things I could buy for my friends and family and fantasizing about all the folks I could really tell to kiss my big white (sometimes tanned) butt! I started to write a song in my head then sing it out loud and think of all kinds of projects I could list out and accomplish this week.

I guess that’s how I do it. All these years I have “faked it till I make it” in my own mind. And you know what? It works! When you feel like crap, go over to the mirror, make a stupid, gross and ugly face, and you will smile! Maybe even start laughing! And there is nothing better than laughter and making fun of yourself.

Don’t ever let anyone piss on your parade or cornflakes. Just realize they have their own problems and issues if they attack you and go back to your business. DO NOT LET others control your mood no matter how hard it is to do. Don’t let yourself slip into a pity party. Rather focus on all the things you want to do and accomplish in your life and start dreaming of how you will achieve them. Because dreams do come true. Everyday. But there are no Fairy Godmothers. That’s only in Fairy Tails. You have to work for it.

There will be no pity parties here. Life is too short. Take care of your business, your families and partners, but always remember to take care of you. The first thing they say on the airplane is “put your OWN oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Remember that. Do that in your own daily life by remembering to smile and laugh. It’s worked for me for years. That and a little chocolate…

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